Our Parent Company

In June 2014, a new era began for the team who’d been engineering and building remarkable, reliable aerials in Ephrata, Penn., for years. Smeal Fire Apparatus Co., a family-owned company based in Snyder, Neb., acquired the assets of LTI.  Smeal is a premier manufacturer, inventor and innovator of customized fire apparatus.  They understand our customers.  They understand fire trucks.  And they get that this business isn’t like any other business in the world.  We need to be on our game every minute of every day, because people are counting on us.

We were reinvigorated. Our name become Ladder Tower Co., but that was the least of the changes. We now have the benefit of engineering expertise with people who’ve been building aerials almost as long as we have. Technologies to enhance our aerial performance, particularly on the electrical controls front. A North American dealer network with real expertise and a “put-the-customer-first” attitude. Investments in parts systems and support.

Between LTC and Smeal, our designs provide the source DNA for almost every aerial sold in North America today. If that old saying, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” really applies, let’s just say, we are very, very flattered.

LTC is A Smeal Company. To learn more, visit smeal.com.