• Reach up and over parapets, power lines and other obstructions
    • Box-section boom design provides torsional rigidity for superior strength and steady aerial maneuvers
    • The platform provides rock-sold work space for firefighting and rescue operations
    • Unrestricted 750 lb. (340 kg) dry-top load rating and a full 500-lb (227 kg) tip load rating while flowing 1,000 gpm (4000 L/m) of water
    • The 55’ (17 m) model offers the articulating boom mobility and rugged box beam construction of the larger models, but can be mounted on a short-wheelbase pumper to provide a first out unit that can handle ground and aerial structural fire attacks.
    • Simplified, state-of-the-art aerial device controls ensure ease of operations
    • Low 11’4” (3.45 m) travel height


    Snorkel Brochure

    • Dry rating: 750 lbs. (340 kg)
    • Dual steel leveling rods, separate and independent of each other, keep the platform level in all boom positions
    • Square steel tube, A-frame-style stabilizers lock themselves in operating position. Two sets of stabiliziers, in front of and behind the axles, provide maximum stability in any situation.  The hydraulic cylinders are protected inside the outriggers from accidental damage.
    • Narrow 11’9” (3.58 m) stabilizer spread allows setup in tight streets, alleys and cul-de-sacs
    • 1,000 gpm (4000 L/m) master stream with multiple tip options
    • Available on your choice of customer and commercial chassis. Custom chassis include: Smeal S450 and S600, Smeal Sirius and Sirius II, Spartan® Metrostar® and Gladiator®